It is meal time again and you are getting anxious about whether your children will eat the nutritious foods you have prepared for them or just reject it. Whether your trick of incorporating vegetables in their diet in most possible ways would work or not. Or what kind of story you have to cook up to feed them the healthy menu. If you are a mother of a school-goer, I know you are exhausted with inventing new tiffin box ideas for your fussy eater. Which healthy food should you give in the tiffin box that they will actually enjoy eating?

Eating a healthy diet is very important for all of us. But do we just eat healthy foods in all our meals? Don’t you and your little ones deserve a treat now and then? According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, it is OK to eat something that is not so healthy in a small amount and not so frequently. As long as you follow a balanced diet for your young ones let them indulge in a piece of cake, cookie, chips or their favorite dessert sometimes. That will help to build a positive relationship with food.

Most importantly, don’t get obsessed with your child’s eating habits. It will leave you frustrated only. Prepare something that looks appealing to the children and also tastes good. Ask your picky eaters what they would like to have on their plate or in their tiffin boxes. Modify it with your own imagination and creativity by replacing the unhealthy part with a healthier option. Surprise them with their favorite not so healthy foods occasionally.

So, let’s take this challenge of motherhood with new determination. Here we will be sharing some of our tried and tested recipes for our little ones to help the mothers of fussy eaters. Won’t it be thrilling to expose to the world the hidden talent within you? Won’t it be great to be someone’s inspiration by just sharing some ideas? Take your chance !!!

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    Aditi Basu
    February 15, 2020 at 6:31 pm

    I always search a healthy and nutritious item in the lunchbox which will bring a big smile in our child . I really appreciate your innovative writing skill. Great job.

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