How many of you have never felt disgusted with your children’s addiction to mobile phones, video games or at least television? I know there are a few only. In this age of the internet, the impact of gadgets in our children’s life is huge and scary. But it can be lessened by just following effective teaching techniques and choosing the right books for your children.

I know everyone might not agree with me, but parenting really demands thoughtful planning. If you want your children to make you proud, you have to be very sincere from the very early age of your children. Only the parents especially the mother knows well how to motivate her child. I have heard so many parents say that they don’t want to be too authoritative in their children’s lives so there is no need to give them pressure for learning new things so early. Once they are grown up, they will automatically understand the importance of everything. May be this is true for some but not for all.

As a smart mom, you have to analyze your child’s strengths and weaknesses as well as his/her field of interest. Select their first books wisely. If you want them as a better learner for the future, choose their books that will ignite their curiosity. children get very much interested in the illustrative, activity-based books. Learning improves when critical thinking, problem solving and creativity are integrated all together. To motivate your child be around them while they are learning new things and attend all their queries.

Never underestimate the learning capacity of your children. Every child is a powerhouse of endless possibilities but we parents fail to recognize their true potential in most of the cases. The young inquisitive and exploratory mind of a child becomes blunt gradually due to lack of proper encouragement and motivation from the parents.

Whether you are a working mother or not, let’s all of us take the oath to introduce our children to a really fun world from an early age- the world of books!!!

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2 thoughts on “MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING…

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    Aditi Basu
    February 14, 2020 at 4:28 pm

    I am agree with your belives.Learing is more creative than any type of electronic gadget like internet or video games. Your content is very helpful for all moms who want to keep distance from mobiles. Give us these type of ideas through your contents. Keep it up

    1. Reply
      February 15, 2020 at 11:36 am

      Thank you Aditi

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