Some Useful Tips To Improve The Personality of Your Child

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Generally, people become judgemental about the parents of a child who shows rude behavior to others or has some character flaws. It is because parents play an important role in shaping the character and personality of their children. It has been proved that children pay a lot of attention to their parents’ attitudes and behaviors from an early age and subconsciously start following those. Usually, our society blames a mother for the upbringing of her child. But research has proved that a child gets influenced by his father’s attitude more than that of the mother.  So, parents should inculcate good habits and a positive attitude to improve the personality of their children from the very beginning. Our attitude towards life and people, ways of handling different situations,  everything contributes to the personality enhancement of our children.  Even the time we spend with them determines the personality of our children immensely.

As parents, we can do many things for the proper personality development of our children. According to Kirby Deater-Deckard, a psychology professor at Virginia Institute of Polytechnic,  between ages 3 and 5 years, children learn to cope with new experiences. At this period, they start expressing their emotions and feelings, and unique personality traits emerge. So we must be careful with our behavior and attitude to foster positive personality traits in our children. We have to develop an impressive personality in our children to help them stand apart from the rest.


To improve the personality one needs to develop communication skills. The way we express our feelings and convey our messages to others reflects our personality. A leader convinces others with the power of his speech only. You are considered to have a pleasing personality if you have the ability to mesmerize others with your words.  So we must nurture the communication skill of our children so that they can express themselves confidently.

Storytelling is an easy but effective way of improving communication skills in our children from an early age. Kids ask many questions while listening to stories, and sometimes they are asked to guess or narrate the ending. In this way, they learn to express themselves,  and their vocabulary and imagination power also improve.

We have to maintain a comfortable atmosphere at home where children can communicate with us without any hesitation. Parents’ undivided attention encourages the children to open up their minds. As a result, their communication skill enhances.


Comparing a child with others has harmful effects on his personality development. It allows the child to grow negative personality traits like low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Comparing with others makes a child insecure, demoralized, and he does not try new things. As a consequence, he develops an inferiority complex that poses as obstruction of proper personality development. Besides, yelling and unnecessary punishment can have a negative impact on a child’s personality development.

So, we should encourage our children for every small effort they make to perform something. It boosts the self-confidence of our children. Our complete support helps them to handle failures in life. They feel confident with our love and protection and their full potential comes out. They become successful in academics and other fields and develop competence and confidence. In this way,  we can improve the personality of our children. Even parental support can improve introvert and shy personality of a child by enhancing his confidence.


Some parents want their children to follow the rules they impose without any question. These parents don’t trust the ability of the children and try to control them by any means. This way, they upset the children, and their relationship deteriorates. 

On the other hand, if we involve our children in decision making, they understand the reasons behind the rules. Their analyzing power increases, and they develop a sense of self-worth at the same time. Consequently, children grow as happy and confident human beings. So, to nurture a strong personality in our children, we should encourage them to participate in the decision- making process. We have to consider their suggestions and opinions also in planning a birthday party or a family trip.


If we assign our children with some age-appropriate household chores and tasks regularly, they grow as helpful and responsible adults. We have to teach our children to take responsibility for their actions and misdeeds from a young age. Responsibility teaches a child to be independent, disciplined, and organized in life. These personality traits are liked by all and help our children succeed in life.  


If a child grows up in an emotionally attached family, he develops a  positive attitude and mental strength to face any problem. In addition to this, a strong family bond makes him responsible and compassionate to others.  Happy family time teaches a child to develop a strong personality, and he can face all the challenges of life confidently.  We can nurture the ability of handling difficult situations with a smile ( a positive personality trait desired by all )  only with the help of a supportive family.


Sports and games are the most effective way to improve the personality of our children. Children who take part in sports develop positive traits like sharing, caring, and team spirit. Taking the right decision at the right time, setting up the strategy to be successful, being resilient – sports help to enhance personality in so many ways.

Personality development is a long process, and we have to be patient and careful to instill positive values and attitudes in our young ones. Setbacks are inevitable. But we can be successful with consistent effort to avoid the common parenting mistakes . We have to set the right example by modeling a positive attitude and the right kind of behavior. Our unconditional love, continuous support, and understanding are all to build a strong personality in our children.

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