Sports & Academics: Help the children balance both

sports and academics both are important

Last night at our party Mrs. Bose was looking very upset. After the party, when I asked her what is bothering her, she vented out her frustrations about her son Rahul. Rahul is in class 5 and he is a passionate basketball player. Mrs. Bose is very much disappointed with Rahul’s performance in the final exam. She wants Rahul to concentrate on studies completely. This causes turmoil between the mother and the son every now and then. I know there are many mothers who are not happy with their children’s involvement in sports or other extracurricular activities. They don’t think about the difference they can make in their children’s lives by helping them to balance both sports and academics. Their minds remain preoccupied all the time with these kind of thoughts:

  • Would my child be well-established in life?
  • What will happen if he does not get an A grade in studies?
  • Would he be able to balance sports and academics efficiently in life?
  • What would happen if he chooses sports as a career?
    All these make them worried and eventually, the peace and stability of their family life get disturbed. It is difficult to maintain the balance between sports and studies but not impossible. It demands a lot of effort but it is truly rewarding. Parents should be aware of some of the benefits of sports in their children’s life.


  • In this age of internet and video games children are leading a sedentary lifestyle which is causing obesity and various mental disorders in them. If your child wants to be engaged in any kind of sport, encourage them.
  • By managing sports and academics simultaneously they become more focused and disciplined as well as confident. Playing by the rule develops good habits and discipline which help the children to manage their life better.
  • They learn effective time management, accountability and teamwork. These are the prerequisites for becoming a successful professional.
  • As sports allow more blood flows to the brain, children get benefitted from increased concentration and memory. It helps them to do better in academics also.
  • The sportsman spirit helps them to handle failure and disappointment of life. When failure comes they learn from it and get motivated to try it again. It helps them to stay relaxed in critical conditions.
  • The exercise makes them fit, healthy, more energetic and motivated to do something great.

So as a mother, support your children to follow their passion. Your support will help them maintain the right balance not only in sports and academics but also in future life. If you support them they will not experience the mental turmoil and guilt and would be in a happy space. May be this will help them to perform better in anything they do. Just make the proper planning.


  1. Set the priority:

If your child is really passionate about sports, prepare his study plan accordingly. Get him informed that he has to give up his favorite tv shows and other entertainment options so that he does not fall short of time to prepare his homework. By any means he will not reduce the study time.

2. Keep them motivated in learning to balance both:

Help your children to develop a positive attitude toward academics. When they do well in sports celebrate it. At the same time make them understand the importance of academics. Make them understand that if they fail to take it to the next level in sports or if they get any injury, they will remain left with limited options. Only academics can provide them innumerable options to be well established in life.

3. Accept Sports as a career:

If your child decides to take sports as a career then provide them proper training and the right kind of equipments. The country encourages and supports them who perform remarkably well in national and international levels. Other than becoming a sportsman, career options in sports management, sports journalism, sports medicine etc. are available also. All government organizations offer good job opportunities for sportspersons. Educational institutions and clubs employ coaches to give training to children.

So get relaxed and allow your child to follow his passion. Your support and encouragement will help him to be able to take it to the next level. Sometimes it becomes difficult for the children to balance sports and academics. If they feel a lack of motivation or fall ill allow them to take a break. After all, they are just kids. Don’t give them any pressure or don’t make any rude comments about their performances.

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