“So you have allowed your own dream to have a silent death! Your talent, your creativity everything will be wasted? “ – shouted a very exited Tania, my best friend. Tania has just started the second innings of her career. Her daughter Mini is now 5 years old and Tania is struggling to settle her down with the hired caregiver. This makes her crazy every now and then. When she was with Mini the whole day she was missing her me-time and now she is so much worried about Mini. Previously she started complaining about the boring life of a stay at home mom, the same household routines and responsibilities and the depression for not being a worthy contributor to the society. Now she is suffering from the guilt of not being able to spend enough time with her child.

Tania always wonders about how I maintain my cool all day. But do you know one thing? I am not comfortable with the idea of a hired caregiver for my child. Because no one can love your children to that deepest level. It has been proved that great bonding with parents encourages healthy development in babies and make them confident in the future. Being a stay at home mom for so many years, I have no complaints or dissatisfaction about my life. I am enjoying every bit of my motherhood. It is promising, it is challenging, but most importantly it is so rewarding. It’s my journey through learning so many things. I have chosen my stay at home mom status very happily and never regretted so far.

Each day of motherhood opens up a new challenge to discover a new and better version of ourselves and paves the way for a beautiful journey through learning lessons of life. If we give our hundred percent to raise our own children as responsible and successful human beings – that will be our greatest contribution to society. The most important thing is to dream big and work hard.

I know there are so many mothers like Tania who is juggling with the innumerable responsibilities of a working mother. They are squeezed under the hectic work schedule, the pressure of meeting the deadlines as well as the challenges of their motherhood. At the same time, the stay at home moms are suffering from depression due to financial dependence and lack of some real me-time.

So it is my little effort to make them able to face the challenges of motherhood with some easy tips and tricks. How it would be if we just change the direction of our creative mind? How it would be if we can help our children to shape their dream while fulfilling my own? How would you feel if you can enjoy the best of both worlds? Only thoughtful planning and some easy tips and tricks are all we need to make the impossible possible. So, let’s start our journey together to explore the endless opportunities while sharing our own unique experiences of motherhood.

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One thought on “TO MY SUPERMOM

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    Meghamala parua
    February 13, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    I think this problem is happening for every mothers…I also left my job to take care of my child…but now I want to do job ….so ur tips wl be very useful for me….thank u very much to create such a nice blog

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